The Holy Hour Challenge

"Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration with exposition needs a great push. People ask me: ‘What will convert America and save the world?’ My answer is prayer. What we need is for every parish to come before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament in holy hours of prayer."
- Saint Teresa of Calcutta -

The 177 Project is bringing an evening of Eucharistic Adoration and music to every diocese in the country this fall and it's all because we want to get more people spending time with Jesus. with everything that's going on in our Church right now, it's so important to remember that the Church isn't build on a priest or a Bishop or even a Pope. It's built on the Eucharist. It's built on Jesus Christ present in a tiny, white Host. To help remind people of that, we're creating a Perpetual Adoration chain to extend from the date our first team member hits the road until the date the last returns home. It's 2,424 hours in all. Will you take an hour and join us in praying for the 177 Project team and our attendees? Will you join us in praying for our Church? Will you join us in praying for our country? To get involved, all you have to do is sign up below. Choose any date and time between September 9th and December 18th. Don't be afraid of the late hours. We need people praying then too!

Pick Your Holy Hour


We want to actively encourage people to dive deeper into their faith and we have some friends that want to do that too! Every individual/group that commits to a Holy Hour will be entered to the giveaway of their choice!**


What's on your bucket list? Rome? Lourdes? Tepeyac? We're sending one lucky person on the pilgrimage of their choice through 206 Tours!

Youth groupS

Every participating youth group will be entered to win $5,000 towards attendance at the Catholic Heart Work Camp of their choice!

Campus Ministries

Participating campus ministries will be entered to win $5,000 towards attendance at SEEK2019!

Knights councils

All participating Knights of Columbus councils and other groups will be entered to win a $5,000 grant for their local pregnancy center!

**To be eligible, entrant must have signed up for (but not necessarily completed) their Holy Hour by October 15th