Help us hire Fuzati!

This fall, the 177 Project will bring an evening of Eucharistic Adoration and music to every single diocese in the US. To help get the word out and to raise funds for the evenings, we are hiring the Catholic marketing firm, Fuzati. Their client list includes some of the most well known Catholic entities in the country - EWTN, Steubenville, Knights of Columbus, Legatus, Lifeteen, Paradisus Dei, and the USCCB just to name a few.

Our goal for this campaign is to raise $15,000. Of those funds, $9,000 will be spent immediately on Fuzati's retainer for the first month and to provide a budget for paid spots using the social channels we have. The other $6,000 will be held back to be used for a second month of Fuzati's services or to purchase additional paid advertising inventory once we have an idea for each's effectiveness.

Should we raise more than $15,000, any additional proceeds beyond that will be used to directly support our artists this fall.

All gifts are completely tax deductible and we are so incredibly thankful for your support as we work to help create opportunities for more people to spend time with Jesus!