Donate to the 177 Project

This fall, the 177 Project will bring an evening of Eucharistic Adoration and music to roughly 70 communities around the country! Putting on each night requires us to cover our artists and staff on the road, hotels, food, transportation costs, lighting and sound, insurance, marketing to get the word out, and a host of other expenses. Each of our hosts helps to offset a portion of those expenses but we need your help too!


We love one time gifts but we'd also love for you to consider supporting Adoration Artists and the 177 Project on a monthly basis. Ultimately, our goal is to find 500 people willing to partner with us at $30/month - enough to help us to underwrite 177 of evenings of Adoration every year.

Whether you make a one-time gift or a recurring gift, all gifts are completely tax deductible and we are so incredibly thankful for your support as we work to help create opportunities for more people to spend time with Jesus!