About the 177 Project


The 177 Project is an effort to help bring as many folks into an evening of Adoration as possible. We believe that one of the most direct ways to evangelize to fellow Catholics is quite simple - help them to understand Christ’s presence in the Eucharist and create opportunities to spend time with Him.

We’ve seen firsthand how the presence of the Eucharist, focused prayer, and intentional, worshipful music creates a unique space for the Holy Spirit to work so we’ve worked hard to develop a compelling evening that takes advantage of those things. We begin each evening with a small, intimate time of music and fellowship by the musician traveling with the 177 Project that night. From there, we transition into a time of Eucharistic Adoration. During that time, we introduce periods of silence, traditional and contemporary music, as well as brief reflections. Confession is usually available as well. We conclude Adoration with night prayer and a traditional Benediction.

Historically, these types of events have been geared towards youth and young adults and we definitely want them to be involved with the evening. It’s our hope that 177 Project evenings can be something even bigger than that though. We view these as parish-wide (and hopefully multi-parish) events aimed at all ages. We want to see generations coming together to spend an evening with Jesus and bringing their friends with them!